Pitching Investors Effectively

Yesterday I had the honor to speak at the Tel-Aviv Startup Pitch Hotseat event, which was powered by the Founder Institute. If you’re an entrepreneur and don’t know what the Founder Institute is, then hurry-up and check them out. They are accepting applications to their coming program until May 20, 2012.

Back to the event, the topic of my presentation was “Pitching Investors Effectively”. Three topics were on the presentations’ agenda:
-How not to waste time on pitching the wrong investors?
-How to deliver a message?
-7 pitching rules
Some people in the audience asked me to share this presentation with the world, and I happily agreed. Since my presentation had mostly pictures and wasn’t that self explanatory, I modified it a bit and added text for those who look at it for the first time. 
There are also some references in it to other resources about what a good pitch should include, as well as two recommended books. 
I hope you’ll enjoy it,

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