Things you can learn from mentoring at SeedCamp

A few weeks ago I had an amazing day mentoring at the SeedCamp event in Tel-Aviv. Kudos to all the entrepreneurs who presented in the event. Listening to you was a real joy. And kudos to the SeedCamp team for selecting start-ups of such high quality. 
This is the second year I’m mentoring at SeedCamp, and it’s a great honor to be invited. Last year - being a freshman, I mostly listened and learned the job from other mentors. This year, I felt I was able to bring more value to the table. I hope the teams I had the privilege to mentor felt the same (factmemefrogfootHocSpot,magazen and MediSafe).

Mentoring at SeedCamp is great fun. You get to meet some of the smartest and most creative people out there. But it’s not an easy task. Together with the other mentors in your group, you need to deliver as much value as possible in 45 minutes.

Since the teams I’ve mentored knows their ‘playground’ much better than I do, I mostly tried to ask ‘why’ questions (i.e. why are you doing something in a certain way). I usually learned there is  good reasoning behind the way things are done, or there’s a piece of information I was missing. That made the mentorship very interesting. Not only I could help other startups, but I also learned a lot from the teams themselves.

I also had the pleasure to learn so much from Yehuda and Zviki who were my fellow mentors. And of course let’s not forget Saul’s master class, which taught us how to tell a story and what we can learn from watching TV ads (thanks Saul).

To conclude, I really advise taking the mentor position at least once a year. You get to learn so much from the people you meet, and more important - about yourself.

If you’re an entrepreneur and don’t know what SeedCamp is, run to their website and apply to present at their next event.


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